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XO Organic Tea - 25 Tea Bags

The Royal: Bold, bright and smooth, The Royal is a variation on traditional English breakfast. A single origin orthodox blend, hailing from gardens across the Assam tea region India, this tea is suitable to be consumed black or with a drop of milk. Origin – India. Harvest – June/ July.

Daybed: A classic herbal tissane, lemongrass and ginger have been used for a thousands of years to help treat gut discomfort and alleviate headaches and anxiety. Teamaker's notes – Arjun suggests drinking this tea in a short cup, 250ml max and to brew with boiling water. For a balanced citrus ginger flavour brew for 7 – 9 minutes. For an intense ginger spicy taste brew for 15 minutes or leave the teabag in.

Bossa Nova: A low bitterness blueberry tea, Bossa Nova features a green tea base with citrus, spice and whole blueberries. Like all green teas, this blend is a natural antioxidant, which may aid in cleansing the body and keeping cells healthy. Taste: Smooth, with no bitterness and a light berry flavour. Ingredients: Organic Green tea, lemongrass, blueberries, ginger, natural flavour, lemon peel. 

25 biodegradable tea bags in each box.