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Tsubaki Serving Platter - Ripple Rim

Handmade Japanese Serving Platter

Traditional ceramics called Iwami-Yaki of Shimane Prefecture dates back to the 1500s, and have been perfected over time. They have low water absorbency and resistant to salt, acid and alkaline resistance, which make them suitable not only for every day plates and bowls, but also useful tools for making pickles. 

We introduce this product range made by the Tsubaki family based in the rural Shimane prefecture, Japan. 

Size: 250mm 

Style: Ripple. We have a plate with a more plain design on top and a second plate with more brushed ripple effect on top. 

Design: Tobiganna - this is the traditional name of that beautiful stripped ripple design on the outside of the plate.

High rim on edge of plate. 

Feel free to contact with any questions :)