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Sujihiki Damascus

Handcrafted Japanese Sujihiki Damascus

Blade: Double-edged 

Steel: AUS10 Damascus

HRC: 60

Size: Blade length 240mm. Total length 395mm. Width 37mm. Width of handle 20mm. Weight 99g.

Maker: Misuzu in Hyogo, Japan

Purpose: Soft meat and sashimi. 

Function: Slicing and filleting. 

Sujihiki has a distinctive long blade, best used for slicing soft meat and fish. The excellent double edged blade will slice across the meat and make sure the surface of the cut is smooth and flawless.

Damascus is made of multiple steels forged together to make the steel light, durable, sharp and rust resistant, as well as, to create a beautiful pattern.

The octagonal knife handle is made of waxed magnolia wood. The collar is made of buffalo horn (the band at the top of handle). 

Handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo, Japan. This region is one of last of Japan where craftsman are still making knives with traditional knife making skills and practices. Each craftsman works collaboratively to ensure the tradition is kept alive and passed onto the next generation. We are proud to support this community.

Knife care: Please wash and dry the knife straight after use and never put it in dishwasher. Heating the blades will cause stretching and is detrimental to the quality. Please store in a dry and cool spot. We can sharpen your knife whenever needed :)

Feel free to contact us with any questions.