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Short Blade Garden Snips

 Handcrafted Japanese Garden Snips. 

Steel: Carbon Steel

Size: Blade length 60mm, full length 200mm 

Purpose: Floristry and gardening. Smaller tasks and thinner branches/stems

These beautifully handmade garden snips will cut your stems and sticks with ease! The sharp and strong blades will endure your lifetime with outstanding durability. The handles spring back nicely and create a satisfying clipping sound. 

These scissors are lockable at the base of the handles - for your safety. 

Blade care: Wipe clean with cloth after use.

Handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo, Japan. This region is one of last of Japan where craftsman are still making knives and scissors with traditional blade making skills and practices. Each craftsman works collaboratively to ensure the tradition is kept alive and passed onto the next generation. We are proud to support this community.

These special snips with be your best friend in the garden for many many years to come.