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Petit Pocket Knife

Handmade Japanese Petit Folding Knife

Blade: Double-edged high carbon blue steel

Handle: Brass 

Size: Blade length 38mm. Total length 91mm.

Weight: 14g

Function: Cutting, slicing, chopping, stencilling and peeling.

Purpose: Small tasks. Sewing, cooking, camping, fishing, crafting, gardening, etc.

This versatile pocket knife is small enough to carry in your pocket or attach to a key ring. Completes any small task in cooking, craft, camping, foraging, opening boxes and anything else that you could think of!

Handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo, Japan. This region is one of last of Japan where craftsman are still making knives with traditional knife making skills and practices. Each craftsman works collaboratively to ensure the tradition is kept alive and passed onto the next generation. We are proud to support this community.

This knife does not have a lock.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.