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Granola - The Farming Mums


The Farming Mums is fresh wholesome food created by two mums who care about where their produce comes from and what they feed their families. Their products provide you with an opportunity to serve your family delicious, seasonal food straight from the farm.

Their focus is on creating handmade products with no artificial ingredients or flavours using seasonal products grown on our farms.

Autumn Granola - Tastiest ever granola with an autumn twist – dried apple, cinnamon and pecans. Delicious! 400g

Fruit Free Granola - Delicious blend of toasted nuts and seeds with a hint of maple syrup.

Summer Granola - Dried strawberries and aromatic rose petals. Delicious! Handmade with no artificial ingredients, no additives or preservatives. This granola is vegan, gluten free and meets most paleo diet requirements. But aside from all that, it tastes amazing! 400g

Spring - Glorious combination of strawberry dust, crunchy seeds and dried strawberry pieces, this granola is simply bursting with colour and flavour.

Winter Cacao - Nutritious and delicious, this surprisingly crunchy blend perfectly balances raw cocao with hemp seeds, coconut flakes and a hint of maple syrup.