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Charcoal Bamboo Chopsticks

Size: 23cm length 

Material: Charcoal Bamboo

Paint: Acrylic 

Shape: Squared

Colours: Natural,  Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange, Red

Easy-to-use and colourful chopsticks. Sustainably handmade with bamboo. 

Benefits of natural bamboo: 

  • Light
  • Strong 
  • Durable 
  • Sustainable 

These chopsticks are handmade in Nankan Machi, Kumamoto, Japan by Yamachiku. 

Yamachiku is one of the few remaining manufacturers that use their local bamboo to craft chopsticks. This team pride themselves on choosing the best bamboo trees to work with and only cutting what they need and will definitely use. Respect for their natural environment and appreciation for natural resources is always at the forefront of their hearts and minds. 

Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash and dry only. 

The perfect long-lasting chopsticks to brighten up your dining table and gift to your loved ones. 

Feel free to contact with any questions :)